Coping During Australia’s Restrictions

We already know that the coronavirus is deadliest among those with jeopardized or compromised body immune systems. Maintaining/developing a strong body immune system can go a long way towards our remaining healthy.

That being said, you can only walk a lot in one day. Fitness centers are closed, both my dance studios are closed, soccer games and other group sports are canceled. Working out at home to YouTube videos is fantastic, but again, limited by how much “no pain no gain” one wants to sustain.

Here’s the good news: there are a few things you can do right now in the personal privacy of your own house to considerably improve your immune system.

Value What You Can Today For A Much Better Tomorrow.

There are parts to this action. One is how you think/feel, the other is what you do.


Look around you. What can you appreciate about your life right here, today? You still take pleasure in running water and electrical energy, you still have a roofing over your head. Don’t let ideas like “Yeah, but for how long?” intrude. You still have whatever health you delight in and still have your friends/family. You have limitless access to resources via the web. Harp on whatever you can find to appreciate, to value and be grateful for, because that single action will have a significant, positive effect on your immune system.

You see, when we think/feel negativity, our body immune systems suffer. And when our body immune systems cease operating efficiently, our health can quickly decrease. Reinforce your favorable thinking as much as you can. Turn yourself into an optimist. Due to the fact that optimists thrive-and so ought to you.


Get innovative! What’s the very best possible use of the time you now have? Many are discovering that with a little creativity they can continue some or all of their business using online platforms mostly from home. There are constantly projects we let go by the wayside for lack of time, how about picking up a few of those now?

Productive during covid-19 restrictions
While most of us are stuck working from home, it’s easy to be distracted and need to find a way to be productive

Make day-to-day lists of what you wish to accomplish, and mark off products as you get them done. You will feel productive, like you’re not simply spinning your wheels, and with that, your body immune system will benefit. In the long term, so will your life.

This writer describes how to be productive working from home.

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