Golden Rules on Healthy Meals during Isolation

Why is it so essential to prepare healthy meals? Here are 4 golden rules how to prepare and cook healthy meals:

  • Store fresh foods correctly and not too long.
  • Use preparation techniques that avoid loss of nutrients
  • Reduce fat
  • Include as little sugar as possible and attempt some alternatives rather
Eat healthy in isolation
You can still cook healthy on a budget during lockdown

Store fresh foods properly and not too long

Numerous vegetables lose vitamins within days, and meat rapidly develops germs. Preferably, just buy what you require for the day. Vegetables are best kept in the veggie compartment of your refrigerator, or in a cool dark location like a cellar. Cover them to avoid moisture loss. Meat can be kept in the refrigerator for a couple of days, but cook minced meat always the day you buy it as it goes off very quick.

Use preparation methods that avoid loss of nutrients

Don’t soak foods, otherwise water-soluble nutrients are lost. Wash thoroughly but short. Slice foods just shortly before cooking them. Use as little water as possible to cook foods. Use it for a soup or sauce later on. Steam, stew or braise veggies instead of cooking or frying. Include meat to boiling water or briefly roast it on high temperature to close up the pores.

Get rid of fat

Don’t include anymore fat as necessary to your meals. This consists of not only oil and butter, however also cheese, cream and so on. Use low-fat items. Select healthy fats like rapeseed, canola and olive oil and products made from these. Pan-fry your foods or bake them in the oven instead of frying them in oil.

Add as little sugar as possible and attempt some options rather.

Sweetening agents consist of little to no calories and are a great alternative to sugar however may trigger negative effects in delicate individuals. Fruit, sweet potatoes, corn, yellow pepper and others are naturally sweet and can include sweetness to your meals. Natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup consist of less sugar (but they do include sugar).

You see, the concepts of creating well balanced meals are rather easy. If you follow the 4 golden rules explained above – saving your foods properly to maintain nutrients and avoid bacterial contamination, selecting a healthy cooking approach and not adding extra calories – you can quickly prepare the healthiest meals for you and your family.

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