Potassium May Be Good Against COVID-19

The majority of healthy individuals do not readily meet their dietary potassium requirements. Having the ability to consume a variety of food can assist, because a wide variety of foods contain potassium. What about the individual that is constantly limiting calories for weight management? Or, what about the individual who consumes a great deal of calories, but they are processed food calories? Theses scenarios will prevent conference general current potassium suggestions While potassium plays a big role in preserving overall health, there is some emerging conversation that potassium plays a role in COVID-19 healing. Here you can have some understanding of potassium food sources.

Current potassium suggestions

In 2019, potassium suggestions changed. Previously, the potassium requirements were 4700 mg for all grownups, regardless of gender. The updated requirements are more refined and are based on both gender and age.

Potassium requirements in mg are as follows:

1-3 years old 2000 mg for both genders

4-8 years of ages 2300 for both genders

9-13 years old 2500 for males and 2300 for women

14-18 years of ages 3000 for males and 2300 for women

19-50 years of ages 3400 for males and 2600 for women

51+ 3400 for males and 2600 for females

Potassium support against COVID-19
These food sources are high in potassium (K)

Sources of Potassium

A variety of plant, animal foods and drinks have potassium. Lots of vegetables and fruits are excellent sources as are soybeans and potatoes. Meats, poultry, fish, milk, yogurt, and nuts also consist of potassium. Among starchy foods, whole-wheat flour and wild rice are much higher in potassium than their refined equivalents, white wheat flour and white rice.

Milk, coffee, tea, other nonalcoholic drinks, and potatoes are the leading sources of potassium in the population. Amongst children, milk, fruit juice, potatoes, and fruit are the top sources. The body soaks up approximately 85-90% of dietary potassium.

Final thoughts nutrition and Coronavirus

While there is no guarantee that increase potassium food sources will protect you from COVID-19, there are a lot of solid science backed reasons to take notice of this nutrient! Low consumption of potassium can put one at risk for various conditions such as hypertension. When needing to enhance your self-care through diet plan, healthy people can not fail by including more good quality potassium rich foods to their diet.

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