Five Green Steps to Take to Improve Your Health, Finances & the Environment

By now, the majority of people have GREEN on their radar. From political campaigns to the everyday news, we’re hearing a growing number of every day about why it is essential to begin protecting instead of consuming.

Financial health can lead to better physical health
our goals often come back to physical or financial health, but did you realise the two are connected?

What are the initial steps?

For much of us, we want to make the switch, however knowing how to begin is the difficult part. We like our lives the method they are, and struggle with the concept of change. We don’t want a dramatically various way of life.

Top 5 things you can do today:

Unplug it!

Did you know that “phantom energy” is a significant customer of costly (for you and the country), non-necessary energy? And that you are most-likely consuming phantom energy today, as you read this?

Photo your home or house before you go to sleep at night. You’re unwinded, and it’s dark exterior. Are the lights on? Probably not. Is your cell phone plugged in, even though it’s totally charged? Exists a power tool or toaster plugged because you’re not using?

These gadgets that are plugged in are vampires, consuming energy even when they are shut off.

The greatest energy wasters in houses are cell-phone battery chargers, digital electronic camera battery chargers, major devices and power tool battery chargers. These creates soak up power whenever they’re plugged into an outlet, whether the gadget is charged or linked.

This squandered energy (aka “phantom energy”) is a significant portion of home electricity usage (about 5%).

Organic vs. Local food

Most of us have access to organic food in our supermarket. In some places, it’s more accessible than others.The movement to make organic food cost-effective is still in progress. However increasingly more store are equipping organic food, with budget friendly prices.

Next time you go grocery shopping, try to find the food isle in the grocery store. You might be amazed to discover that natural is not constantly more pricey. Many chain grocery stores are stocking generic natural products.

Has it occurred to you that there aren’t any expensive fuel expenses in getting that food from its origin to your kitchen area, and that most likely regional farms do not need to use the damaging pesticides that business farmers need to keep produce “Fresh”? The best alternative is local and natural. If you can’t discover organic, choose LOCAL.

Smart lighting!

Do you cringe when you see your monthly energy costs, all the while knowing you could do something to decrease your payment not to mention your influence on the world? However you do not understand exactly how. What can you do?

Well, you can buy energy-efficient light bulbs. They will initially cost more but you will conserve money and not have to purchase light bulbs for months longer than their counterparts. Your impact on the world if enough of us make this choice?


There are numerous items that can be reinvented. Your creativity is the limit. Here are a couple of concepts to get you started.


  • infant food containers as votive candle holders for a nation living look. Eliminate the labels, obviously.
  • egg containers as seed planters
  • bottle as flower vases
  • wine bottles as rolling pins
  • coffee premises as plant fertilizer

These ideas can stimulate a lot more. Utilize your creativity!


Do you recycle? If not, perhaps it’s due to the fact that the process seems complicated and time consuming. What do you recycle and what do you get rid of? In our hectic society, we merely do not have time to separate all our waste – especially when the benefits are unidentified and typically vague. Did you know that just recently, a lot of the most significant cities in the U.S. have taken this into factor to consider? They have in fact made it much easier on us.

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