Strengthen your Immune System against Coronavirus

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This time of the year there is a single word that none of us want to hear: Coronavirus. There are three words which can help protect you and your family from the coronavirus – STRENGTHEN IMMUNE SYSTEM. Avoid infection and think preventive by using herbs or nutritional supplements to strengthen your immune system. By looking for preventative measures against infection, you won’t have to look for a coronavirus treatment.

Balanced meals with plenty of vegetables and fruits help keep your immune system strong against the coronavirus
Eat well balanced meals with plenty of vegetables and fruits will help to keep your immune system strong against the coronavirus

What can and cannot help you

Alcohol kills viruses. But drinking beer or wine will not kill viruses in the body. Drinking excess alcohol will damage your liver cells and lower your immune system’s defences.

If the coronavirus is already in the body, the body already has an inner defense. Excessive sugar or refined sugars is bad for the immune system.

If your body lacks zinc, the immune system also weakens, and lowers the production of antibodies needed to help fight infections. Scientific studies show that Vitamin C and other micronutrients can help our immune system to fight against viruses.

Which micronutrients to supplement?

Vitamin C: 3,000mg daily, in divided doses
Vitamin D3: 2,000 International Units daily. Start with 5,000 IU for two weeks, then reduce to 2,000.
Magnesium: 400mg daily in citrate, malate, or chloride form.
Zinc: 20mg daily
Selenium: 100mcg (micrograms) daily
All these nutrients have been shown to strengthen the immune system.
Probiotics stimulate your immune system. Probiotics produce antimicrobial substances, which can kill pathogens. They can compete for nutrients and space, including competition with viruses. They also compete with viruses by going for cell’s receptors. Thus you also need to take care of your gut to improve your immune system.

Get optimal health by: balanced diet, adequate exercise, quality sleep, stress management, daily detox, high quality nutritional supplements. During exercise, the immune system goes through a practice round. People who lack exercise have a weaker immune system. Getting sleep is important for the immune system is important too. Stress management and being positive is important as high stress can make your immune system prone to infection.

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