Co-enzyme Q10 as an Anti Aging supplement

The CoQ10 compound

Co-enzyme Q10, or CoQ10, is a popular over the counter supplement available today. As a required part of aerobic cellular respiration, it takes part in about 95% of energy production in your body. The heart, brain, and liver have amongst the highest quantities of CoQ10 as they are among the organs that need the most energy.

Levels of CoQ10 naturally decrease as we age. This procedure typically starts at age 20. Hence, declining levels might result in lower energy levels.

Benefits of Coq10, increased energy, healthy cardiovascular system, anti aging effects

The benefits of CoQ10

Supplementation with CoQ10 can have lots of beneficial results. Numerous users report increased energy levels and improved state of mind. It has been shown to help preserve a healthy cardiovascular system, lower blood pressure, promote longer life expectancies, enhance gum health, and slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease when taken in high doses.

A current meta-analysis has revealed that CoQ10 supplements does lower blood pressure in hypertensive clients. It has even been revealed to decrease pain in migraine patients.

There are numerous aspects of health that can be positively affected by supplementation of CoQ10, we have to question, are the results overblown?

We need to constantly keep in mind that the results that discussed above have not been measured. Therefore, if you have hypertension, CoQ10 probably will not suffice to get you back down to a healthy level. You need to keep in mind that the results are not massive but genuine.

For some, this supplement holds interest as a longevity supplement and an anti aging supplement. So far, there have actually been numerous studies revealing that CoQ10 increases life-span.


As you need to constantly do prior to taking any supplements, you ought to consult your medical professional. Ensure to let him or her learn about any conditions you have or about any medications you are taking.

Co-enzyme Q10, or CoQ10, is a popular over the counter supplement offered today. Levels of CoQ10 naturally decline as we age. Thus, if you have high blood pressure, CoQ10 most likely will not be adequate to get you back down to a healthy level.

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